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Tax Preparation Canada Forum

An informal forum to ask Canadian Tax Questions

Canadian Tax Preparation Questions
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Noticing that tax_prep focussed mostly on the US Tax Code and US Tax Assistance, this is a similar idea - Canada Tax Questions where we *may* be able to help.

Questions are hopefully answered with people who have experience in that area.

However, questions are answered without liability and no expertise or specific guaranty is made. As always, one should always consult with their licenced accountant when making any decisions in regards to Income Tax issues. Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada) does not endorse this site, nor do any of the accounting bodies.

This is strictly for individuals who may have some knowledge of the Income Tax Act to offer assistance to those who don't in order to give them a little help in doing it themselves.

Please note: this is not a forum for flaming, cross industry insults, belittling of cross professions or even cross border belittling. Constructive suggestions and "pointing in the right direction" always welcome, and, of course, as always, pointing out how your own government should be doing something goes without saying.