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I have an interesting problem...

I have an interesting problem.
last year I was hired as a contractor by one company for another. (I never actually checked the fine print - the company I was dealing with directly has been good in the past). I was promised about $30K for work that ended up taking about 6 months of rediculously long days. I went into debt at the time to the tune of $10K.
At the end of development period, ready to deliver - the contract was cancelled. I ended up having to borrow more (a total of $20K for the year including the first loan) just to survive.
outside of that:
warehouse work 1 month near beginning of year
warehouse work right before contract cancelled...
total income for year around $5000 - and yes as an employee that paid income taxes et al for me.

How the heck to I file? My income for the year turns out to be around -$15K.
I'm dithering about declaring bancruptcy. (the first company I was dealing with just managed to avoid bancruptcy - but the owners lost their home. I'm not the only one burned by this) (oh I also lost the home I was renting and ended up homeless for december. I don't know if that makes any difference - I doubt it)
I try and think about what I'll report - and I'm totally lost. Should I talk to someone? I haven't even got a penny to my name left... so paying someone else is out of the question.

(aside - business has started slowly picking up again - but it's at a "I can just survive if I have a job as well" level at the moment.)
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