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First post

I don't think it needs to be said but I'll say it.
This is for general questions only. It is virtually impossible to give specific answers to specific situations because it is difficult to know the details that may affect someone. Everyone who may have a tax "problem" is always encouraged to go talk to a licensed accountant.

None of the people answering accept any liability for the answers. They are provided based on the answerers knowledge and experience and for general information. If you go with an answer, you do so at your own risk. Every province is different, and someone may be giving you an answer that applies to one province (or state) and not another. You take that risk.

In this litigious society, please do not sue anyone here - the big caveat is we are people who may have some experience in the area in which you are seeking assistance. If you are planning on suing anyone, you are not welcome to participate.

Finally, please play nice. We're not going to debate various preparers status vs. professions. The main goal is to help the regular joe people who really are trying to prepare their own taxes but may have just a quick question. A nations taxation should never be so complicated that it has a whole industry based on specialization of compliance. But it is - so let's try and help those people who are willing and able to do it themselves - and good on you for doing so.

All the other usual caveats yadda yadda apply.
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